Wild Boar Hunting in Turkey

You can find wild pigs from the Iberian Peninsula to Fareast. There are 17 subspecies with the biggest subspecies being the Ussuri Wild Boar living in the far east. Live weights of more them 350 kg aren’t unusual. While in most places of if the world the population of wild boars is rising, it is can be very difficult to find big trophy tuskers.

In Turkey 95% of the local population are Muslim which naturally means the wild pig is uninteresting for the locals and is the reason why the population is so high. In the mountains these wild boar can grow and mature to amazing sizes because nobody is hunting them and this is the reason why our clients are able to go home with trophies up to 29 cm in high class.

ussuri wild boar

The top reasons why Turkey is the premier Boar hunting Country:

  • High population of mature boars.
  • Very good price performance ratio.
  • Cheap airfares.
  • Professional hunting guides.

Winter Hunt

Every passionate wild boar hunter dreams of a long haired winter wild boar. The boars are standing on the baits now and the rutting season makes it easy to locate them. Depending on the region and altitude the winter can be strong and cold. It is absolutely necessary to bring warm silent clothes because of the temperatures. Winter offers a very special time with spectacular scenery along with an abundance of “tuskers”. You will stay in a four star thermal hotel in Vezirköprü. The thermal water comes from over 1200 m under earth and it is very helpful to many conditions like:

  • All types of rheumatic sicknesses.
  • Herniated disk and calcification.
  • Infantile paralyses.
  • Sciatica pain.
  • Skin diseases.
  • Digestive problems.
  • Kidney & urinary passage problems.
  • Back pain.
  • Circulation problems.
  • And not to forget the daily stresses all of us are confronted with.

Spring Hunt

The spring hunt is a fascinating hunt. Rising temperatures and spring nature is a beautiful base for a successful hunt. Many of our clients are repeat hunters especially during spring time. This makes early reservations very important. With a bit of luck along with some good weather and good shooting, it is possible to take between three and five trophy boars in five nights easily.

Summer through Autumn Hunt

The short and warm nights in summer time are ideal for successful summer hunting. The boars can’t find enough to eat on the fields (May – June) and they prefer the easy food we supply with our baits. In high summer (July – September) there are enough things for the boars to find in nature but water becomes a big problem. By knowing the location of their preferred water sources, combined with baiting means a 100% success. High summer is also the best time to combine a wild boar hunt with a family holiday. Turkey is a famous holiday destination and your family will have plenty to do while you go hunting.

The Hunt in General

The single hunt for wild boar gets organized during the full moon period. The hunt starts normally with a waiting on the bait. Because the hunting guides do prepare the hunt in advance, they know exactly where the big ‘tuskers’ are. We don’t use high seats in order to be flexible on wind direction. The stalking hunt during the night is very exciting!

As the guides know more or less the time when the boars are on the bait they wait with you up to that time. After that you start stalking. Shooting distances on the bait are between 50 and 120m. During stalking, shots up to 150 m are normal. Important for a successful night hunt is a good set of binocular with 56 mm objectives and a rifle scope with 56 mm objectives. Your clothes should be very silent. Fleece jackets are a good option. Hunting is generally very easy as it takes place at the forest field line area.

The guides are using modern night vision equipment and it is possible for them to find the boars also on dark nights. Calibres over .30-06 Springfield are ideal for the hunt. Experience shows us that a 375 H&H is a good calibre combined with a 300 grain bullet.

Under normal weather conditions you will get enough chances to fly home with three or more trophy boars.

Group Size

We take around five hunters in one group to ensure the best service available.

Missed Shot

The fee for a missed shot looks a bit high but preparing the hunt and feeding one special boar takes about three weeks of time in advance. Staff, cars, fuel and food has to be paid for and if you miss a boar it is lost for the next few months. Please avoid shots on not broad sight standing boars. This will make hunt easier and more successful.

Food and Beverages

There is breakfast and late lunch included in our program. If you want to eat something after the hunt it will attract an added charge. Please check the beverage prices upon arrival. We suggest paying the drinks immediately the same evening. If you invite your guide for a drink you have to pay for it!

Hunting Areas

We are in permanent contact with the local people and we know exactly where the big boars are. Our main hunting areas are in Tokat and in the black sea region. Airport and custom clearance is at Samsun. Our combination hunt “summer & sun & tuskers” takes part in the south of Turkey. Airport is Dalaman, a well known destination for summer holidays.

Travel and Hunting Program

  • Day 1: Arrival and transfers.
  • Day 2 to 6: Day hunt and holidays.
  • Day 7: Transfers to airport and departure.


Whilst all reasonable care will be taken during your stay, hunting is a potentially hazardous pursuit and your guide or his staff will not be held responsible for loss or injury that may occur.

We strongly advise all our hunters to arrange adequate insurance prior to leaving your home. All our hunters will be supplied with our Terms and Conditions and Indemnity Forms prior to the hunt commencement.

For current prices on all our hunts please fill in the details below.

Included in Hunt Costs

The following are included in the hunt cost:

  • Accommodation for duration of hunt.
  • Most food and beverages. (excluding alcohol)
  • Field preparation of trophies.
  • Hunting guides for duration of hunt.

Not Included in Hunt Costs

  • Domestic or International flights.
  • Accommodation prior to and after the hunt.
  • Packaging or Shipping of your trophies.
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Tips or gratuities to your guide or his staff.

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    Please note that access to many International hunting grounds may require aerial and/or unusual forms of ground transportation such as snowmobiles etc. These forms of transport can be susceptible to the effects of extreme and unforeseeable weather shifts. Hunters are therefore advised to factor in some time flexibility to allow for unforeseen events.